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Mad Men, “The Monolith,” Recap the Recappers [TV]

Perhaps we weren’t the only Mad Men fanatics who assumed the comparison read better in Matthew Weiner’s looseleaf notebook, that once filmed, the juxtaposition between IBM’s monolith of yore and the increasing presence and obsolescence of technology in our lives didn’t quite translate. But more spoilers than that lurk! Onward, to Recap the Recappers!

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Mad Men, “Field Trip,” Recap the Recappers [TV]

Let’s take our own “Field Trip,” if you will, through the twists, the turns, the soliloquys, the sonnets, the snark and the speculation, through the best of Mad Men’s army of recappers. But you don’t come here for the puns. You’re here for the countdown! Spoilers follow:

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Mad Men, “A Day’s Work,” Recap the Recappers [TV]

The familiar battle cry, the tired cliche: “It’s all in a day’s work.” Yet it rings true, for us, the chronicler of the chronicled. The unpacker of the unpacked. The recapper of recaps. A cog among the millions in the Mad Men literary machine. It’s all in a day’s work. You can read last week’s […] Read More

Mad Men, “Time Zones,” Recap the Recappers [TV]

We are back! Back for our weekly trip through amateur literary theory and wistful theorizing, our spill into fever dreams, codfish balls, and pitch meetings. It’s our chronicle of the scholastic pursuit of the perfect recap of television’s most scholastic show, Mad Men! Which of your favorite writers summed up the season 7 premiere the […] Read More

Mad Men: Recap the Recappers returns next week!

Coming next Monday, we’ll dust off our dictionary, our English Ph.D., and perhaps even a monocle while we dive into the best and brightest of Mad Men recaps! While many shows draw attention, review, criticism, and discourse, not one uncovers the inner literary snob in all of us. So join us weekly for the quips, […] Read More

Yard by yard, life is hard. Week by week, etc., etc. Michael Yarish/AMC.

Mad Men, Recap the Recappers, “In Care Of.” [TV Recap]

Is Mad Men actually more fun to watch week by week? Sure, it’s also great to burn off episodes in spurts, and it’s no procedural. But in an era of Breaking Bad, Sopranos, The Wire, and Arrested Development – all permissible and even preferable to swallow in gulps – Mad Men remains more rewarding to consume […] Read More

Also a callback to when her mom told her to get a cat. Then another one. (Michael Yarish/AMC)

Mad Men, Recap the Recappers, “Favors.” [TV Recap]

Now that was an episode. Spoilers will greet you after the jump, so, heh, do yourself “Favors” and only read ahead if you’ve seen all of the eleventh – and best – episode of season six of Mad Men. But be cautious when you accept, or undertake, a favor. As Mad Men wryly, astutely – […] Read More

It's either (a) amazing or (b) predictable that Don drives himself. (Michael Yarish/AMC)

Mad Men, Recap the Recappers, “The Better Half.” [TV Recap]

Or was that more like the Butter half? (stifles giggle.) Oh, come on. Anyway, we’re now set up for the final quarter. Let’s see what the recappers thought, and how they fared in this week’s power rankings. Those poor souls, peering under rocks and through tumblers into Mad Men‘s cloudy subtext. As usual, don’t read […] Read More

Mad Men, Recap the Recappers, “The Crash” [TV Recap]

This week’s installment of Recap the Recappers really gets exciting! Sunday’s unconventional hour rivals Synecdoche, N.Y. as nonsensical art that’s a complete and terrific mess, and may in fact be terrible. However, it’s my prediction you’ll still find plenty of TV critics rushing to hail its genius, pathetic attempt to demonstrate their superior intellect. When, in […] Read More

Mad Men, Recap the Recappers, “Man With a Plan.” [TV]

It almost seems unfair that we’re more than halfway through Mad Men’s penultimate season. However, last week’s crackling, rollicking, snappy episode didn’t just snap the show from early-season doldrums – it awakened the best from our gang of recappers. Shaking off the cobwebs, downing a tumbler of Canadian Club, donning that old-school soft-plaid grey jacket, […] Read More